Leading Self & Others

Leadership starts with self-leadership. I  assist in setting visions and goals, as well as steering towards them by successful self-management and effective people leadership.

  • Shaping the leadership role, individual leadership questions, moving into management

  • Collaboration and transformation under new forms of work

  • Tools and techniques to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • Evaluation of leadership potential, competencies, leadership style and collaboration type (MBTI®, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 ™, Harrison Assessment, behavioral assessments, biographical interview)

Self & Culture

Increasing cross-regional collaboration and international transfers transform the way we work and live.
I assist in navigating intercultural settings and the challenges of expatriation.

  • Working and leading successfully in international settings and handling different cultural standards in the workplace

  • Mastering the professional and personal challenges of expatriation

  • Expat partner transition assistance

  • 1:1 or small group cultural instruction (China/Germany) and German business behavior

Self & Setting

Functional settings are powerful enablers for effective collaboration, productivity and well-being and therefore for professional success.

  • Spatial layout for shops and offices for boosting communication and collaboration

  • Creating corporate and individual workspaces to enhance creativity and productivity

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Short consultation

Some situations just require a short discussion, a check-up or a briefing. You wish for a short-term preparation for a meeting, a sounding board for an idea or decision, set-up of a workspace or advise in an emergency situation. This service is available either face-to-face, over the phone or via video-call.
Prices on request.

Consultation package

Transformation needs time. Succeeding during relocation, moving into management, working in a new team constellation or in a new cultural setting is a process. Identify your resources and develop strategies that work for you. The package contains one free intake session, a series of 4 to 6 confidential one-on-one consultations and a free check-in session after 3 months, all either face-to-face, over the phone or via video-call.
Prices on request.


Knowing oneself is the point of origin for development. Exploring your values and motivation or understanding your personal preferences help to pursue a fulfilling career and satisfying work-life-integration. Deeply explore the facets of your unique personality.
Prices on request.

Laying Foundation

Competence is the basis for success.
Build knowledge and techniques for successful self-management, effective leadership or navigating the new culture you are facing.
Contents are based on most recent findings of work & organizational psychology.
Prices on request.