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Focus Areas

Take the Lead

  • Understand your personal values and how to live by them 

  • Integrate personal and organizational outlooks into your leadership role

  • Acquire tools and techniques to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • Get answers to individual leadership questions

  • Put leadership learnings into successful practice

Navigate Cultures

  • Learn to handle different cultural aspects in the workplace

  • Lead successfully in international settings

  • Master the professional and personal challenges of expatriation

  • Get assistance with expat transition – for you and your family

  • Cultural instruction  (China/Germany) and German business behavior

Evaluate Potential

  • Gain information for hiring, placement and promotion decisions

  • Identify strengths and development areas of your (future) leaders

  • Lay foundation for feedback and reflection

  • Create a basis for development measures

  • Obtain an overview of the potential within your organization


for both corporate and individual clients, delivered on site and online

HR Diagnostics

Evaluation instruments as development and assessment centers; structured interviews; HR psychometrics (MBTI I & II, LEA 360).

Executive Coaching

Structured assessment of your current situation, support in exploring opportunities and goals, co-creation of actionable strategies, support during implementation.

Training and Instruction

Leadership and intercultural training (China/Germany), preparation for expatriation.
Talks and presentations on Chinese business culture and philosophy.

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