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Dr. Sabine Kullak combines her record in Human Resources with international experience in various industries and leadership roles. Having worked and lived in Asia for many years, her mission is to share her own work experience and learnings from the expatriation with others and let them benefit from these insights.

Accredited both in Western and Chinese Life Sciences, she integrates different expertise and attitudes, offering a unique service for enabling successful working, leading and living in dynamic and international environments, both for individual and corporate clients.

At a glance:

  • German national

  • 6+ years experience living in working in China

  • PhD in Organizational Psychology

  • Accredited Master of Chinese Life Sciences

  • 15+ years experience in Corporate HR

  • 10 years experience in HR Consulting, Diagnostics, Training and Coaching

  • Accredited Coach by the World Association of Business Coaches

  • Accredited Associate Coach by the International Coach Federation

  • Certified MBTI I & II Practicioner

  • Certified LEA 360 Practicioner

  • Focus areas: Leadership, Intercultural Collaboration, Expat & Expat Spouse Assistance, Self Management

  • Selection of clients: Daimler, VW, German Chamber of Commerce China, Henkel, Thyssen, Bosch, MAN, Lufthansa, Pure Living China, Telekom, Airbus

  • Languages: German, English, Mandarin